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Peninsula Lighting & Electric Rates

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DESIGN: $125 per hour, portal-to-portal, plus materials

Design is anything that encompasses providing layout(s) of any electrical component. If your designer, engineer, architect or whomever, does not provide a clear-cut scope of work, we will be glad to provide the necessary time and resources to accomplish it.

PROGRAMMING: $125 per hour, portal-to-portal, plus materials

Programming for Lutron or Litetouch systems

TROUBLESHOOTING: $125 per hour, portal-to-portal, plus materials.

Finding and fixing whatever is wrong.

INSTALLATION: $105 per hour, portal-to-portal, plus materials

If they are tough installs, this will go up, I will be glad to explain it. There are things like crawling through spaces under a home filled with rat feces, routing through Eichler style homes, a LOT of blow-in insulation in attics, etc. that may make the installation harder.

MAINTENANCE: $105 per hour, portal-to-portal, plus materials

Standard labor costs by item:

Costs invoivng fixtures do not include the cost of the fixture

 Replace one surface fixture not over 8 feet high, not over 25 pounds,    $125
Install recessed light new construction, open ceiling, includes trim-out,    $135