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I just came across an interesting thread at Mike Holt forums referencing San Mateo County. At there are a few pages of information on permits, it has spawned some research on my part.

I will admit that I have done work for clients without a permit, pretty much always because they have told me they did not want one or would not let me do the work. There are some very small ones, like replacing a GFCI or installing a switch, that I never even thought to ask. I can see this is a big gamble.

Peninsula Lighitng/Electric will perform no work that requires a permit if no permit is to be taken out. A homeowner may contact their local building department and ask if a permit is needed, but they need to get the name, date, and time they communicated, or better yet, in writing, that the local building department will not require a permit for the work.

You may think "it makes it cost too much". As much as I agree, it is even more costly if an insurance company will not pay for damages due to an illegal installation OR I have my license suspended or revoked OR someone loses their lilfe, it's just not worth it.

Yes, you should pursue something whereby the State will allow small jobs to be performed without the expensive "permit and wait for an inspection" overhead. In the interim, there are many contractors and handypersons anxious to do the work for you.

I apologize for any inconveniece this may cause.